Hi, after a long hiatus due to many small, a few big, and many more silly, issues I’m almost back. I just came down the a weak flu on Sunday and have to take Nilla to get her last stitches removed tomorrow then provided no new fun events I’ll be writing again regularly.

I’m also looking at testing a few new themes out along with working on a new cover image for the 46 Year Old Syndrome series.

And finally the way I post chapters will change. I’ll write a small post with a link to the chapter so that the front page isn’t so full of walls of text.

Thanks for your patience, it’s been 6 months of ups, downs, and sideways spins.



3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Soooo….feed my addiction!

    If you need some help working your story into ebook / kindle shape I can help.

    You have very few spelling errors, and I’m very familiar with formatting to fit well on different devices.


    • Thanks but I’ll be rewriting the early chapters to be more in line with the others at some point. I’ve also helped create books for Amazon for a friend so I’m good there. I’m hoping to get the new Chapter out tonight btw.

      Relapsed and been in bed most of the week except for when I dragged myself to work to infect other people.


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