Chapter 25 preview

I wasn’t able to finish the Chapter so about 1/3 to 1/2 of it is out as a preview. I’ve disabled comments on it since i’ll delete the preview when I’m fully done, but you can comment on here instead.

Also, as I mentioned I’m switching over to a slightly different system behind the scenes so that ate up a lot of time and will eat up more. The benefit should be faster loading times on the main page, less data usage on mobile, and better movement between chapters when finished.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 25 preview

  1. Holy crap!!!! You are back man! I really loved your story and wanted to reread it and when I come here, bam! A new chap is out! I’ll get my salary in some days, so I’ll try to save some money to donate( can’t guarantee anything, this month is tight)! Hope you are back for good 😀


    • I’m not too worried about donations at the moment so keep it so you aren’t broke. Thanks though. Money is really tight but I’m not close to starving.

      The main problem is getting back into the grove when pain isn’t too bad, and my energy/mental state isn’t low.


    • sounds like someone needs to silence their internal critic / editor and just get something written and come back and do the self flagellation later. =D

      What kind of writer are you by the way? seat of the pance-er, snowflake method, world builder, something else? I’m a ‘snowflake’ myself, but i was just wondering if you have some kind of formal method which helps you?


      • Sorry for the slow reply and yeah that’s part of it. I try to avoid that by not editing my first draft again and again after reading some advice by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

        The main problem though is the 6 month delay makes me go back and double check how I did something before. A single paragraph can need me to reread sections across several chapters. That goes faster as I confirm or fix my memories though. I also changed the writing style over the story and don’t want to drift back.

        I mostly write with a rough outline of 4-6 points per chapter and then just jump into the rough draft. At one point I’d generally have 6-7 chapters worth of points done. Though now that it’s closer to the end of the book there’s story lines I want to gather up and others that I don’t.

        I’m not quite sure how I’d describe that style in the end. Maybe Signpost outline method? It’s not quite that but kind of close.


  2. I noticed that you had done some rework on some of the other chapters (or that they had been disconnected links for a while, not sure which).

    Any way we could find out what you have been doing? like a listing of chapters edited?


    • Sorry, been trying to figure how to end 25 so it ties in with 26. I’m off tomorrow and I think I’ll just go the library after shopping. Way too many temptations and chores to do at home.

      I also missed your previous comment. The answer is all the old chapters are still linked in the index here:

      Those are all blog ‘posts’. What I started doing was copying them into ‘pages’ instead and making the coding of them the same. I’d originally tried a few different html codes as I was learning. It’s a minor thing but in the long run it will make it easier on mobile devices I think.


  3. Absolutely, positively, failed to get anything serious done in writing today. Instead I cleaned out dead mice from the basement. They are coming inside to avoid the cold weather but I can’t find where.


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