Writers block? And Chapter 25

So despite finishing up most, but not all, of my pre-winter chores, reducing a lot of my chronic pain, and slowly having more free time…I’m still having trouble finishing chapter 25. I removed parts I didn’t like, tried to rewrite, but end up staring at the screen.

So, I’ve decided to release a few more paragraphs than the previous Preview post.

I’m going to try and break past the writing block by writing everything that comes into my head and hope that helps. Mostly it should be the ‘A Man Climbs’ book I’ve had in my head for 2 years now, but any short story or other idea that comes along will also be used to break this logjam.

Here’s the link, there’s not much new though:


7 thoughts on “Writers block? And Chapter 25

  1. Oh, too a while, but it’s here 😀 thx for the update man. No matter how small the chapter is, it still refreshes my soul, man. You have a faithful follower in me 😛

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    • Thanks for the comment, it is always uplifting to know people want to read my work. I’ve been dealing with a pile of things since Nilla had a 2nd surgery but hope to get back writing next month when I hopefully will be off morning and evening split shifts.


      • Just saw your reply now, I hope Nilla is well. When you do start up again I’m going to re-read every chapter to remind myself of the details. Even though it’s been over a year, I can still remember many details. I’m excited to hear from you and can’t wait to continue reading your awesome story. Funnily enough, your story is one of the first things in my bookmarks. Good luck!


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