46 Year Old Syndrome

The daily Litrpg journal of a fairly average 46 year old man in a world where hundreds of thousands of people suddenly have a super power.

Follow him as he learns skills, runs away a lot, suffers crippling headaches, avoids reading his titles, and tries to avoid breaking his body that didn’t get enough calcium and vegetables.

1) I gained pain and a skill?
2) Who is crazier, me or the dog?
3) A punch in the face would hurt less.
4) Grinding pain, wait!, no, I mean skills!
5) The old fashioned way my grandfather used to do it.
6) Hey you creepy bastard in the doorway, got any smokes?
7) Screw you resistances!
8) I didn’t want those superhuman powers anyway.
9) I need to get stronger, or else.
10) Working smarter not harder isn’t laziness right?
11) I’ve got the power! Almost?
12) Self-mutilation is for losers.
13) Now with more character!
14) Maybe I can resist eating 12 donuts in 30 minutes now.
15) I used to like grinding quests.
16) I R Copyman!
17 ) “Kill with a borrowed sword”
18) Doggie Training Days Part 1
19) Doggie Training Days Part 2
20) Don’t let anyone see your butt at the city jail or … it will hurt
21) 50% less Shameful
22) Not the best day
23) Calm before the steel-toe buttkicking
24) Streaking for the win.
25) Gimme three steps

City Map
Fake Side Story #1
Fake Side Story #2


[Disclaimer: The main character is a more normalized version of me, with 170% less laziness installed, and a few buffs like greater courage. Other things like having a job are partially similar. No other characters are based on real people because most people I know are either too normal to be useful or too fucked in the head to be believable.


7 thoughts on “46 Year Old Syndrome

    • Hi, thanks for reading and I’m glad you like it.

      I’ve been very busy the last month but I’m going to try and put out the next chapter soon. February will likely be brutal though so I can’t promise much then.


      • Are you going to update any time soon? You’re last chapter is when things *juuuust* started to get good.


      • I keep rewriting/rethinking the ending of the day so really not sure of a date. A lot of personal pain along with Nilla having surgery has made things a bit depressing too. I’m sorry 😦 I’m off Sunday and will make another attempt at getting a chapter I like.


      • Sorry, it’s pushed back a bit. Covered 13 hours extra for a coworker and woke sick today. Happily I have tomorrow and Tuesday afternoon off to try and not leave you hanging longer.


  1. Yes, please!

    Sorry about the real life issues man. I just hated to see a decent addition to the LitRPG genre suddenly go on hiatus without any word.

    Frankly, your work is almost as good as ‘The Gam3’, and I consider that the best of the genre. I just want more! (so selfish, I know).


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